Fairtrade Month In May

May 20, 2022

The during the month of May we celebrate Fairtrade Month by Fairtrade Canada. We support fairness for our farmers and workers to be given fair wages, safe working conditions and the removal of discrimination based upon gender. As consumers we have the choice to make your vote count when going to the till by purchasing certified Fairtrade products, because It’s Only Fair.

Help spread the word of Fairtrade by creating awareness and learn more by going to Fairtrade.ca.

Fairtrade Month, May 2022, #ItsOnlyFair

Come to Steep Hill and checkout the Fairtrade products we carry.

Collage of Fairtrade Level Ground coffee, tea, sugar cane at Steep Hill

Collage of Fairtrade Camino chocolate, coconut, cocoa, brown sugar at Steep Hill