The Month of Festivals and Celebrations!

July 3, 2024

July is here, as tantalizingly lush and colourful as we could ever imagine! And hang on to your hats, folks, because it is also crammed with amazing festivals, cultural and musical events. So much planned in our beautiful city this month that one couldn’t possibly take it all in. But let’s try!

A close up view of a wood fence with green grass growing and a sunflower framing the a sign hanging on the fence. A yellow butterfly sits at the corner of the sign with text that reads, Welcome to July.

Start the month on a musical high note with the 37th Saskatoon Jazz Festival, running until July 13. The ticketed program lineup is amazing, and there are numerous free programs around the city. Canada Day celebrations at River Landing and Rotary Park are a respectful tribute to our nation in all its diversity. Eat, shop and play downtown with businesses, food trucks, artists, music and kids’ entertainment at the Downtown Sidewalk Sale, July 11-13. A Taste of Saskatchewan is back for it’s 25th year! Running July 12-17, Taste offers a culinary tour of 30 local restaurants in Kiwanis Park. For history and heritage buffs, there’s the WDM Summer Fun Day on July 13, followed by a Historic Downtown Tour on July 14. Make your way down to the Riversdale Street Fair on July 20 and support the Riversdale merchants and restaurants while enjoying local art, children’s activities, balloon animals, face painting, music and entertainment. Closing out the month is the highly anticipated Saskatoon Fringe Festival. This 10-day festival beginning on August 1 is an immersive celebration of the arts right in the heart of the Broadway District.

And speaking of immersive celebrations in the heart of the Broadway District… why not let Steep Hill Food Co-operative help you with all of your grocery needs? You are going to work up quite an appetite getting from one event to another. Planning a backyard bar-b-que for a crowd? Packing up and heading for a lake getaway with the fam? Steep Hill has new suppliers and products every week! Fresh, local, in-season produce always in stock! A wonderful selection of local meats, all at competitive prices! Ask any of the friendly staff what’s new and where to find it. You will be happy that you did!

Steep Hill Store Hours

A quick reminder that Steep Hill Store hours have changed. People were asking for an earlier store opening time and our amazing and dedicated staff were willing and happy to accommodate.

Steep Hill is now open at 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday through Saturday, and from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. every Sunday. (Closed Statutory Holidays).

Drop in for a chat and to check out what’s new! Ask about our products, ask about our suppliers! We’d love to see you, and to answer any questions that you might have. We are your grocery store on Broadway Avenue!

Our Farm YXE - New Supplier

Steep Hill is so pleased to welcome new supplier “Our Farm YXE”. Dennis and Karen Skoworodko and their dedicated team at “Our Farm” lovingly grow their food on 2.4 acres just outside the city limits. It doesn’t get much more fresh or local than that!

A wooden table with a basket, bowl and cutting board on top. Fresh vegetables are scattered over top of the cutting board with a few vegetables cut in half.
Photo courtesy of Our Farm XYE

“Our Farm” is certified organic by Pro-Cert Organic Systems. Having gone through a rigorous, multi-year process of inspections, production plans, records and testing, you can rest assured that the vegetables offered to you are organic, healthy and safe, and comply with the Canadian Organic Regime. ”Our Farm” strives to provide tasty, nutritious, fresh, local, organic non-GMO food that has been grown with care for the environment, and uses minimal packaging and energy in growing and processing. Their goal is providing food that tastes as good as it is for you and the planet!

“Our Farm” grows over 40 types and a staggering 110 varieties of vegetables and fruits in biologically active healthy soil. Of course, not everything will be available each year, but with the help of the recent rains, the gardens and this year’s selections are producing bountifully. Among the current seasonal selection are kales and lettuces and mixes of both, green onions, a variety of peppers and radishes, turnips, zucchini and rhubarb. Steep Hill will be receiving many of these items as they are available, picked fresh, washed and transported to you all within hours. No cross-country travel for these nutritionally-dense offerings! 

Five staff members of Our Farm YXE standing side by side wearing matching t-shirts happily posing against a farm field.
Photo courtesy of Our Farm XYE

Looking for New Stock?

Wondering when more of your favourite product will be available? Steep Hill receives orders from different suppliers almost every day. Barring unforeseen circumstances, here’s the usual delivery schedule:

Remember that members can special order items as well. To learn more, contact the store at

Autonomy and Independence

The co-operative principle of autonomy and independence serves as the cornerstone of Steep Hill Food Co-op’s operational philosophy, shaping and guiding its everyday practices. Steep Hill, like many co-operatives, embodies this principle in its commitment to empowering members and fostering a self-reliant, community-oriented approach to business. 

At Steep Hill, autonomy is evident in the democratic decision-making process that involves all members. Each member has the freedom to voice their opinions, contribute ideas, and participate in shaping the co-operative’s direction. This inclusive approach ensures that decisions reflect the diverse needs and perspectives of the community, fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment among members.  

Independence is also a core value at Steep Hill as it strives to operate autonomously in both economic and social spheres. Economically, the co-op prioritizes self-sufficiency, generating revenue through its own activities. This financial independence that Steep Hill strives for will allow prioritization of the well-being of its members and the local community, rather than being driven by profit motivations.  

Moreover, Steep Hill promotes independence by championing principles of solidarity and mutual support within the community. By fostering strong ties among members and supporting local producers and suppliers, the co-op reduces its reliance on external forces and builds resilience in the face of challenges. 

In living by the co-operative principle of autonomy and independence, Steep Hill exemplifies the values of cooperation, self-determination, and collective empowerment. By embodying these principles in day-to-day operations, the co-op not only provides a sustainable alternative to the traditional business model, but also contributes to the creation of a more equitable and resilient community overall. 

Cardboard Pick-Up and Other Volunteer Opportunities

Steep Hill recycles and reuses as much unavoidable packaging as possible, as well as composts unsalvageable produce, but the store doesn’t have much space to store recycling and compost before disposal. We are still in need of volunteers who are willing to pick up and recycle cardboard. This needs to be done weekly, and with enough volunteers, each person would only need to pick up once or twice a month. We are also in need of volunteers to pick up and dispose of garbage. If you’re interested in these opportunities, please email Amielle directly at - just put the type of pick-up you’d like to do in the subject line.

August on Broadway means Saskatoon Fringe Festival time! Steep Hill will have a table set up outside the store on the first weekend of the Fringe (August 3-5), providing information about the store and membership, as well as selling candy and cold drinks. This is a great opportunity for volunteers to act as Steep Hill ambassadors at a fun and interactive community event. For more information, call 306-664-4455 or email

Of course, we still rely on our in-store volunteers to package, label, and shelve products. To schedule an in-store shift, sign up on the schedule posted on the store bulletin board, or call 306-664-4455 or email to request a shift.

View Volunteer Schedule

Happy summer volunteering!

Recipe Corner

Our ongoing series of recipes using ingredients available at Steep Hill!

Chia Pudding Parfait

Enjoy this simple, flavourful and visually appetizing nutritious chia pudding parfait treat on hot summer days, breakfast or as a healthy dessert.

A side view of a clear glass that has been filled with five different layers that makes up Chia Pudding Parfait.
Photo Credit: Joan Almond

View Joan’s Chia Pudding Parfait Recipe

We Want to Hear From You!

For information about products and the store, email us at or call 306-664-4455.

To contact the Board of Directors with ideas, feedback, concerns or questions, email or fill out a “How did we do today” card when you are in the store.

Thanks to Joan Almond, Jasmin Carlton, Adam Douglas, Cathy Holtslander, Maryann Scott, and Ann Smith for contributing to the Newsletter!

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