Shopping Bags from Cloth for Kids

March 17, 2023

To help reduce waste Steep Hill does not offer grocery or shopping bags to our customers. We instead encourage customers to bring their own bags. However, as an alternative Cloth for Kids provides Steep Hill with handmade reusable cloth shoppings bags for purchase. By purchasing these handmade shopping bags your are supporting our local community by providing funds to support the Cloth for Kids charity. Cloth for Kids will receive 100% of the sale proceeds. Ask our friendly staff at Steep Hill about purchasing a reusable handmade shopping bag.

Please read the following to learn more about Cloth for Kids and how you can help.

Who’s That?

A registered charity helping to clothe and comfort Saskatoon’s children in need. Donate fabric, yarn and notions are made into all kinds of kids’ clothes, from sleepwear to sweatshirts to ski pants, and warm quilts.

Who For?

Clothing and quilts are available, free of charge, to needy children in Saskatoon, through recognized help organizations such as Public Health, Social Services and schools, etc.

How to Help?

Clean out your closet and bring in that box of unused fabric, velcro, yarn, buttons, thread, zippers and elastic. Donate money that will be use to buy notions needed to finish the clothes and batting for quilts. Or join the brigade of volunteers which meet at St. Thomas Wesley Church (on the corner of Avenue H North and 20th Street West) every Thursday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm (bing a bag lunch). If you have no sewing experience, help cutting or sorting fabric is always welcome.


Donated material suitable for kids’ clothing or for quilts can be brought to the basement of St. Thomas Wesley Church ( use the white doors), on the corner of Avenue H North and 20th Street West, Saskatoon, Any Thursday between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

To Learn More

Please visit the official website,