Recruiting for Steep Hill Committee Members

April 9, 2022

Would you like to become more involved as a Steep Hill Co-op member? Do you have expertise that would benefit the co-op? We have some new opportunities for members to earn working status (which entitles you to a 6% discount at the till).

Hands forming a circle with Steep Hill logo in the center
Illustration by Clker-Free-Vector-Images, Pixabay

The board of Steep Hill is forming the following committees to help strengthen and support the co-op. Each committee will include at least one board member and at least one other co-op member. The time commitment may vary across committees and from month to month; non-Board members will receive one month’s working status for every two hours of work they spend on a committee. We ask for a one-year commitment.

More details about the tasks of each committee will be developed by its members, but these are the general responsibilities.


Human Resources / Executive


Nominations / Governance

If you are interested in knowing more about any of these committees or wish to apply to serve on a committee, please contact us at To apply, please indicate which committee you would like to serve on and provide a brief description of why you are interested in the committee and what skills and experience you have to offer.

Thank You For Supporting Steep Hill