It's Here, Weekly Fresh Produce and Dairy!

January 20, 2022

When coming to Steep Hill for this weeks fresh produce, dairy and bargains don’t forget to bring bags.

Our produce order has increased in size due to last week’s demand exceeding our supply. Thanks to all the great shoppers support!


New Produce Delivery - Thursday/Friday Weekly!

fresh produce

Roma Tomatoes - Kale - Romaine Lettuce - Celery - Lemons
Limes - Daikon Radishes - Tumeric Root - Pears - Sweet Bell Peppers
Mangos - Mushroom Varieties - Many more items to choose from!

Imperfect Produce Offered at a Reduce Price


fresh dairy

1% Organic Milk - 2% Organic Milk - 3.5% Organic Milk
Organic Homogenized Milk - Goat Cheese - Eggs
Cream Top Whole Milk (non-homogenized)
L’Ancêtre Baluchon Cheese - Feta Cheese

Weekly Bargains

Shopping cart of bargains

Grab your weekly bargain items…

Organic Sauerkraut - Veggie Chorizo only $1 - Pressed Tofu
Rise Kombucha (4 - 1L only) - Cha’s Canned Pineapple - Lemons

Special Orders

We take special orders upon request via email. Please plan in advance and provide the following information below, so we are able to verify if we can order it for you.

Thank You For Supporting Steep Hill