Steep Hill Board: September Update

October 4, 2021

Here is the summary of the September Steep Hill Food Co-op board meetings held on September 9th and September 22nd at 7:00 pm.

Marcel’s Report
The board has reviewed Marcel’s report and are in support to move forward of the following items.
  • Renovation of the office area to better suite the staff comfort and requirements
  • Improving the display of products
  • Improving the cleaning policies and procedures
  • Improving the maintenance policies and procedures
  • Andrée will review office area renovation plans
Illustration by mohamed Hassan on Pixabay
Illustration by mohamed_hassan on Pixabay
Sale Day
Will be held on October 17 to 31st, 2021. Details will be released soon.
New Staff
Before new staff are hired Andrée wants documentation to help with training.
POS System
Adam has started looking at a POS system.
Discounted Items
Karen recommends a deeper discount or free on old/off produce.
A new discount list system will be used to help the cashier know what items are discounted.
Andrée says cheese and dairy are too expensive.
With new price tags going to be on all items the price board will no longer be required.
Business Advice / Plan
Myrene is looking into resources to help assist Steep Hill.
Business Cards
Marcel asks for business cards. Karen has a file for the old cards. Adam can print card-stock. Adam will review the card design.
Adam says website traffic is growing. 77 people in August clicked on links. We have grown to over 5000 impressions. Adam is also posting pictures on Yelp.
Recipes: Karen mentioned that a Steep Hill member suggested a blog for recipes. Adam says we already have a blog, but not the capability of a standalone blog. Adam is hesitant to making the website more complicated – and more expensive. Adam points out that recipes that use ingredients from Steep Hill can generate interest and sales. Karen will talk to the Steep Hill member and see if she can work with Adam’s vision.
Social Media
Adam is going to write down ideas and try posting to social media to see how it goes, so he can explain to someone in the future who might take that on.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 27th at 7:00 pm.